WELCOME to Tilley's Custom Colts & Horsemanship


" Of  all the things your horse will wear... their expression is the most important"

John and Jamie along with their two daughters, specialize in starting and developing eager horses with a positive attitude.  We offer a great program for up and coming ranch horses, arena prospects or any discipline where a solid start is needed or any area where you would like to advance your horse. Our business focuses on a "FOUNDATION TO FINISHED" approach. This line of work is extremely specialized and we understand the importance of building a horses' foundation. This takes a great amount of education, knowledge and skill.

We pride ourselves on how the horses are handled, by focusing  on: 

- Low Stress Handling -     

- Building Confidence -      

  - Principles "Real" to the Horse - 

In the past John has been employed as a Horse Wrangler, Pen Rider, and a Pasture Rider.  He is very proud of his working cowboy past.  John attributes much of his understanding of the horse to his time spent doing a real job horseback.

"It is important to keep these traditions alive for the future generation of horseman and horses." 

-John Tilley






Horses are taken for a minimum of two months; however, most clients do see the value in at least three months or longer to ensure a proper start, a start that does require time to build. Often times in the horse industry, they are expected and or forced to have a rushed or condensed education without allowing the horse time to fully process, learn and understand what the human is requiring or asking of it. No two horses are the same. Being able to give each horse what they need requires a high level of education and knowledge of the horse and how their mind operates.  Horses are worked with five days a week. We believe that a rest both physically and mentally is essential in their development. All horses are exposed to a variety of things that help to shape them in to the partner they will be. Horses are ridden outside, in the country, exposed to cattle and roping, worked in the arena and much more. We do not overbook or overcrowd,  taking only the work we can handle, so please book in advance to avoid disappointment.  Whether it be Colt Starting or a need for more Advanced Horsemanship on your riding horse, we can help!


"John and Jamie have started most of our colts since 2012! We love that these colts come home after 90 days riding calm, confident, and well on their way to being a great partner. Our customers  are telling us how they really enjoy the Tilley's Custom Colts started horses they buy from us."

-Lori Deobald, Cedarlea Farms

 "After what we have seen today, You and Jamie have a triple A rating in our book! Thanks for doing a great job. "

-Andy Olson

"We are very happy and extremely impressed with the training that John and Jamie Tilley have done with our young horses. Our horses come home a with a great foundation, very willing and ready to go to work".

What amazes us is the calm and trusting attitude our horses have when John and Jamie Tilley send them back to us. TILLEY'S CUSTOM COLTS is a real asset to the horse industry!!!!

-Lloyd and Jan Turner, Turner Performance Horses